About us

We foster an open and interdisciplinary corporate culture which shapes the values we convey – our environment is creative, open and curious. Our goal is to create added value for our clients with every step we take by providing custom tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

To achieve this, our law firm combines elements of lean management and superleadership, drawing on an extensive network of independent strategic partners and experts.

Superleadership is characterised by the promotion of independence and one’s individual initiative. Superleadership requires that leaders know how best to motivate themselves to improve their own performance (self-leadership). Subsequently, these motivational factors are passed on to others (superleadership). Superleadership demands that self-leadership is propagated by superleaders at the (hierarchically flat) top of the organization and anchored in the corporate culture. This leads to actual full empowerment, also in the sense of shared leadership and to the realization of change leadership.

Our firm thus has a lean management system that serves a high degree of customer orientation and enables an effective and efficient creation of the value chain for our clients. All of this is necessary to provide sophisticated and sustainable legal solutions for everyone, in line with our firm’s vision. This is done in close cooperation with independent experts and partners from our network – irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, etc. – with whom superleadership and ultimately shared leadership is further proliferated. Our law firm thus offers highest scalability in terms of sophisticated case management and case handling to provide you with your individual solution on your way to justice, while maintaining an open and innovative mindset in our firm.

Exceptional results can only be achieved as a team. Get in touch with us. We are happy to be there for you in solving your legal matters.


Dr. Peter Bergt

Attorney at Law Dr. Peter Bergt


Dr. Peter Bergt, Attorney at Law

As lawyer in Austria and registered in the list of Resident European Lawyers in Liechtenstein with many years of experience and profound knowledge, Dr. Peter Bergt provides comprehensive, quick and efficient advice. Dr. Peter Bergt is specialized in the areas of commercial law, contract law, damages and warranty law as well as IT law and has more than 20 years of experience in litigation as well as representing and defending clients in court, in particular also in connection with investor litigation and white collar criminal matters.

Of Counsel: Prof. Dr. Josef Bergt (Attorney at Law Liechtenstein)


Of Counsel Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Bergt LL.M. LL.M.

Dr. Josef Bergt is an attorney admitted to the Liechtenstein bar who is specialized in Liechtenstein and European corporate, banking and financial market law and has an extensive expertise regarding the regulatory framework of financial markets, in particular with regard to sharing economy models and disruptive technologies. Josef Bergt also has in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law and data protection. In addition to his work as an author, he also lectures at international events and universities.